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Register for a live Cooking Show and receive complimentary
cookware worth $300 dollars

Keith Sellers


Our mission is to make sure everyone has the highest quality food to eat, water to drink, and air to breath.  All of our products excel at this, and are warrantied forever.  Don't be surprised if we wind up providing service to your grandchildren's children.

Why Townecraft?

Townecraft has one goal, provide the highest quality products. Everything from our cookware to our water systems have the best engineering behind them, this is why we can warranty them for life. and have been for 80 years. 


It's your food eat it

DSC_5828[1] copy.png
"Townecraft waterless cookware is designed to cook food with natural moisture, retaining nutrients and flavors without the need for added water. The five-layer construction provides even heating, minimizing the need for high heat and preserving nutritional value. The result is delicious, nutritious food."
- John Howard
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