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What goes into your body?

         Did you know the air inside a home is 100 times more contaminated than the air just on the other side of your front door?  Would you guess reverse osmosis water filtration removes 5 gallons of liquid for every gallon it produces?  filtering out impurities from your life can be difficult, but with Townecraft water and air filtration it has never been easier or more reliable.  All of our products are life time warrantied, including the air and water systems.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification

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The RO5 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System removes the total dissolved solids (TDS), chlorine, chloramines, and other chemicals that are present in tap water, leaving you with water the way it was meant to be. Because reverse osmosis is so effective, it removes between 90 - 99% of contaminants found in the water, even the aerospace industry recycles the water on the spacecrafts using reverse osmosis. 


Air Purification

The EPA states that indoor air pollution levels are 2 to 5 times and occasionally 100 times higher than outdoor air levels. Healthy air starts with Townecraft Air!!  Enjoy clean, fresh healthier air with Townecraft's advanced full spectrum 9 Stage Air Purification System. Remove a wide variety of pollutants, especially those causing allergy and asthma flare ups. 

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