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Waterless Cooking and life time warranty

Let me start by saying that 5 years ago I knew literally nothing about cookware! I thought the cheaper the better so I could toss it in the trash if I burnt it, warped it or ate off all of the chemicals! I started with a small set of pans and an air machine 5 years ago. I learned how to cook not just good but great meals, tasty and healthy! Cookware is not just about having something to cook your food on, its about having pots and pans that do not transfer chemicals into the food you are cooking, its about never having to purchase cookware again, its about a lifetime of wonderful chemical free breakfasts, lunches and dinners, its about leaving a legacy for my children. I now have a full set of Townecraft cookware and several air purification systems in my home that have made the air quality amazing, has reduced the allergens and inhaler use in my home. I loved it so much I decided to work here!

By Wendy Collins - office manager at JH Health Solutions


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