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The Infamous Man Pan

The infamous "Man Pan", one of our most popular items, and also one of the most frequently chosen gifts by our customers for hosting a live cooking class and private catered dinner with us! The Man Pan is one of our most versatile pieces of cookware, aptly named, because it's so easy to use even a man can cook in it. Don't worry fellas, we know you are the grill masters😛

Whether used on a stovetop or oven, the platter-like design makes a unique serving platter, while providing excellent #heatconduction and easy clean-up. This 13 1/2" round #griddle is great for making #crepes and #blintzes, preparing #omelets, and fried or #scrambledeggs. You can #sauté meats, mushrooms and onions. Also good for frying sausage or bacon and reheating leftovers.

Give us a call today, 865-986-8828 or email us if after hours,, and schedule your dinner with us. We take care of everything. Just sit back, watch, learn and eat the delicious healthy food we prepare in our cookware, for you! Invite your parents and or that couple next door.


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