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The Stack

" The Stack"

On the bottom, fried chicken 🍗 and dutch gold mini potatoes ( no oil, no flour, no water), super crispy, moist and delicious 😋

On top of the Grand Electra skillet at the bottom, the 11" skillet is cooking Polish Kielbasa and Cabbage ( no oil, no water )

The saucepan on top of the skillet is cooking carrots 🥕 ( no water )

At the very top is broccoli 🥦 and corn 🌽 ( no water)

All of this is being cooked off one electric skillet plugged in, in one small spot on the counter, putting out no heat into the kitchen, using the electricity from only one outlet, minimal electricity 🔌.

In the saucepan of carrots, hard boiled an 🥚 egg with no water.

3 degrees difference from the electric skillet at the bottom, to the saucepan at the top.

Cooked a meal that fed 18!


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